How to make your blog mobile friendly

It’s important to make your blog mobile friendly. Currently most individual prefer to use their mobile phones to surf the internet. When a blog is not mobile friendly, mobile users have difficulty reading the blog as the font size will be small and they will have to keep enlarging the text. Also blogs that are not mobile friendly takes longer time to load on a Smartphone.

If you own a blog, you can use Google’s mobile friendly testing tool to quickly check if your blog is mobile ready. If you discover that your blog is not mobile friendly and you are using Blogger or WordPress for your blog, the following are ways to make your blog mobile friendly:

  • WordPress and Blogger responsive themes:

    Responsive means that the theme will adapt to different browser and device sizes. The content will resize and rearrange to fit smaller screens without the need for a separate mobile theme or plugin. Most new themes are now being made responsive. Some developers may have updated their older themes to be responsive. If you are interested in getting a new theme make sure its mobile responsive before you choose it.

  • WordPress plugins:

    There are several WordPress plugins that will show a mobile version of your site to mobile traffic. If you use Jetpack plugin there is a mobile option built into the plugin. Just activate and configure. Another good mobile WordPress plugin is WPTouch.

  • Blogger mobile templates:

    Blogger has 8 built in mobile templates. All you need to do is pick a theme, activate it and all mobile traffic will now see your mobile theme.

To make sure your mobile theme is activated, go to your blogger dashboard > Template. Click the gear icon under mobile. Then select “Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices.” and choose your theme. Click save.

When you have one of these options activated, you can be sure your blog is mobile friendly.

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