How to make your blog popular

The best time to start promoting your blog is after you get about 15 posts or more. If you promote it before people will think your blog isn’t good enough. The following are ways of making your blog popular:

  1. Add tags to your post:

    This will make your posts show up in search engines like google.

  2. Make use of Social Media

    You must share your blog and its post in LinkedIn, Pinterest, twitter, and Facebook. Here you can get a large base of audience. You can also use a social media monitoring tool like, for example. Through listening on social media, you can easily find what kind of content your target audience shares and likes the most frequently. You’re also able to spy on your competitors a little bit and get some insights into what are their best performing pieces of content and try to create similar in the future.

  3. If you promote your content successfully, people will eventually start sharing it. Use social listening to find those share and don’t forget to add a few words of appreciation.

  4. Build An Email List:

    A good way to make your blog popular is to build an email list on your website.
    By building an email list, you will have a user’s base where you send your blog’s content with your email subscribers. It’s advisable to just focus on sending your interesting post to your email subscribers rather than sending only mails about the sales and promoting a product.

  5. By doing this, you are encouraging your customer to come back to your website

  6. Guest Post in other Blogs

    You can also publish posts on other blogs that allow guest posting. This helps in building a stronger relationship between you and other bloggers. Make sure that you write a guest post about your niche and produce the article in your niche influencers or high Domain authority blogs. Even make sure to include a link or two back to your sites. You can also place your post on Medium and put a link to your website at the end of the article.

  7. Comment on Other Blogs

    Blog commenting is the best way to build the relationship with other bloggers and the website audience. You can improve your blog traffic by blog commenting, but don’t comment like nice post, excellent post etc.
    Write an insightful comment and make sure you write a relevant comment. If you follow these then readers might notice it and check your site. This happens in most of the cases, so make sure you do in a nice manner.

  8. Answer Questions in Quora

    Quora is a website where people ask and answer questions; Quora has a large number of audiences who can easily engage. In Quora, you can answer a question and place a link to your site in that answers which are relevant to the question to get more traffic. Make sure you search for a question related to what you write blog post on in Quora and answer the questions. In Quora, your answer will be viewed to each and everyone who wants the answer to that question. So you may get traffic for months and even years.

  9. Make Use of Reddit

    Reddit is a huge community which covers lots of topics; there are several people who spend their time on the Reddit. Here’s what you have to do is just to find a sub-reddit related to your blog post and just start participating in a discussion.

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